Diary of a Naija Banker

Hello Fellas!

It’s that time of the year… new hopes, renewed hopes, new dreams, new visions, new everything!

So let me take the time to wish you a Happy New Year!!!

And a prosperous one at that. May all your dreams come true, whatever they may be.

So talking about dreams…I guess by now you will have your dreams or goals written out for the year. The picture of those things you want to do or achieve for the year.

In my case, amongst a couple of other things, taking vacations, exotic vacations are a top priority for me this year. I just want to “relass and be taken kiaroff”…hahaha as the baby girl that I am.

Taken care of, either by myself or maybe God will use somebody’s child, hehehe. I plan to take 2 vacations outside the country as part of my recreation goals this year. I would like to go to Maldives or Seychelles, and then Dubai. Omg… guys have you seen those exotic vacation pictures on social media? I drool every time I see those pictures. The blue-green ocean, the sun-kissed pictures, the food…oh my God the food. I miss seeing a lot of those pictures on my timeline. In case you have not noticed, we haven’t seen a lot of those pictures lately. Your guess is as good as mine! Covid! Chai, Covid spoilt my enjoyment plans last year o. However, we thank God for the many other things we gained.

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You are probably wondering how I plan to hop around with this whole Covid situation…well I choose to believe the situation would have improved before the year ends. This is because people of God, we can’t continue like this o. Iyanu must shele. Recreation and entertainment are a vital part of our lives, as much as our careers are.

So yeah, back to my enjoyment plans…the biggest flex is? I cannot at the moment fund this my dreams looollzzz. But I serve a miracle-working God. So let’s see how this goes.

I have drawn my budget for the year. My dreams to my budget right now is an improper fraction…hehehe. Ko balance. So yeah, this has put me on my toes, which got me looking for ways to increase my earnings or cut down on my exotic vacation plans.

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Anyways, back to the dreams for the year. What are your dreams, goals or plans? I hope you are not just all about getting the bag and making money. I hope you have plans to take care of your mind, spirit, soul and body this year. Plan recreation and entertainment into your year. Go for a retreat, just relass and be taken kiaroff, either by yourself or somebody’s child. You can take care of another person’s child too you know? If that works for you. As we the baby girls and boys say… in this life, try to dey enjoy, problem nor dey finish…lolsss…. Let me write that in proper English…see, I don’t know if the English language will properly capture that thought…bhet Google is your friend. Lolss… let Google help you translate the pidgin to English abeg.

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I wish you an amazing 2021… xoxoxo

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