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In recent times, the public health sector has faced a lot of challenges which could be due to the effects of past events. The level of affordability, accessibility, and availability of quality healthcare services by an average citizen has dropped by almost twenty percent in the last decade. Health workers, especially doctors, have been unable to maximize their full potential due to the suppressive and restrictive nature of our workplaces.

However, we have made it our mandate to keep showing a positive attitude towards our jobs and patients despite the inconsistencies in our training program which can be attributed to strike actions. A lot of passionate doctors including myself prioritize the health of our patients not because we are being paid to do so, but because we are called to duty. Our service to humanity is the Paramount reason why we never cease to care for our patients. Resident doctors in training constitute almost 40 percent of the workforce in the Nigerian health system which includes specialist hospitals, teaching hospitals, and federal medical centers. Despite the exploding population and limited resources, resident doctors have utilized the available amenities to achieve favourable outcomes in the delivery of health care services.

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Personally, I have dedicated valuable years of my career to improving the quality of patients’ lives by upgrading my skills and expanding my knowledge. A major barrier in our system is the incessant strikes that have been prevalent since the onset of the pandemic, this has impacted the health system negatively thereby, eroding the existing structure. Although, the Lagos State government has shown a high sense of responsibility and concern towards it citizens and that has helped to alleviate the poor living conditions of a lot of Lagosians.

As the head of the medical team we believe if there is a political will from the government, measures are put in place to make working conditions conducive, cases can be managed to produce the best possible outcome.

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