Customer is King; What about Colleagues?

An average employee knows how to treat a customer right. “Customer is King” and kings have thrones, so, an employee would readily accord customers maximum respect. What about colleagues? What about employees? They certainly want to be respected too. They are internal customers, the first set of people you relate with, and a good attitude towards them contributes to their satisfaction.

Employee satisfaction is just as important as customer satisfaction, as a satisfied employee will most likely work towards customer satisfaction more than a dissatisfied employee would.

Making your colleagues or employees feel respected can be achieved through various means. We will go through three ways.



Communicate and give feedback:

Is there anything more stressful than working with a colleague who never responds to emails, never gives feedback or never gives updates on project progress? When you are on a team, carry your teammates along. Give updates. Give feedback.

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Don’t stress teammates by making them run after you for the information you should provide, especially when their work depends on the completion of your work. Do not be the reason a colleague dreads working on a team. Not communicating with teammates is disrespectful. So, communicate.


Acknowledge their good work:

Employees want to be acknowledged for doing good work. If nobody recognizes all the hard work they put in, then what is the point? Thank them for putting in extra hours to close out that urgent customer request that popped out of nowhere. Thank them for handling a sick colleague’s workstream. Acknowledge that they hit their target in good time and give them kudos for bringing in that huge contract. If it’s company policy, give them incentives and bonuses when they perform well.

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Acknowledging the work that people do spur them to do more. If I feel like my efforts towards company growth are noticed and appreciated, I would put in more effort. I think the same applies to many people.


Connect with them as individuals:

Colleagues, apart from being work buddies who are around to help the team get the job done, have their personal issues. We cannot be best friends with all colleagues, but we can be sensitive to their moods and attitudes. When a usually bubbly colleague looks morose or when a high-performer begins to fumble with tasks, step back and find out what the problem might be. That might not be the best time to put pressure on them to send you that report.

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It is true that the report is late, but it is also true that something is wrong with that person. Connect with them as a person. Find out if they are willing to share their worries or if they need help, or suggest to human resources to check in on their welfare. People have real-life problems that can affect their work and productivity. So cut colleagues and employees some slack sometimes. That encouraging word, that two days holiday you approve for them, that team bonding session or that deadline extension, might be all they need to hit the reset button.

Only employees who feel valued, give customers their best.

Internal customers also need to feel like kings.

So, Customer is King; Employees Too.

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