“Customacentrick” is my unique way of describing an act that I am passionate about. It is the same as customer-centric

It is an approach to doing business in a manner that the business focuses on creating an amazing experience for the customers by maximizing what the service or product offers while also building relationships

It was a good morning. Marvel had a nagging ache in her head which started as a dull pain but graduated into a discomfort that could not be ignored.

Work had to be done and it went on with Marvel, having to consistently hold her forehead for some measure of relief.

As soon as office closed, she drove to the hospital to seek a Doctor’s care.

Upon arrival at the hospital, as Marvel approached the front desk, she reached for her HMO ID in her bag, while exchanging pleasantries with the officers.

“I need to see a doctor” she said.

They responded to the pleasantries and asked her to provide her HMO details.

“RST HMO” she responded.

“Your HMO is on suspension!  You can’t  see the doctor” , one of the front desk officers blurted out with disdain

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Whilst in excruciating pain, she thought to herself: If only they know that I am in so much pain. Why did I decide to waste time and come to the hospital?  I should have bought some  medication over the counter and by now, I’ll be home and resting.

Marvel eventually got through to an HMO representative, to relate her experience. The customer service personnel apologized and offered to speak with the staff of the hospital. After much deliberations, Marvel was informed that she will be attended to.

While with the doctor, her conversation was interrupted by some members of staff who had questions or information to pass to the doctor about another client. She wondered what happened to privacy and confidentiality as the name of another client was mentioned to her hearing.

Afterwards, medications were prescribed, and she left the hospital. She had spent over two hours there as other clients who arrived after her were attended to before her while they communicated with the HMO

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What a day! What an experience!

Now, a closer view of a possible positive experience if the situation was managed differently.

If when Marvel got into the Hospital, the front desk officer offered greetings first to welcome her to the Hospital and asked how she was doing, it may give Marvel an opportunity to let them know her complaint and attend to her appropriately . This would’ve conveyed to Marvel, that the hospital staff had concern for her health.

Rather than inform the client as she made an entrance into the facility, unsettled and feeling unwell, she ought to have been offered a sit and subsequently informed appropriately that there are some unresolved issues with the HMO and its effects. The possibility is that the customer may take a decision to still contact the HMO or agree to be seen and pay out of pocket as a private client.

Consultations are supposed to be done in privacy. All other discussions ought to wait except it is an emergency. If another discussion is required during a consultation, permission ought to be sought from the client and a verbal consent obtained for this purpose.

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Customer-centric businesses ensure that the customer is at the center of business ideas and operations at all times. They believe that their clients are their primary objectives and use every means at their disposal to amaze the client.

In view of the above, Management Teams globally should be more involved in processes that will lead to higher customer satisfaction. Approaches such as:

  • Benchmark customer satisfaction
  • Provide multichannel support
  • Make employee satisfaction a priority
  • Turn customer survey data into action
  • Figure out what the customer really wants
  • Rethink the approach to doing business and building relationships

All these and more should be imbibed and monitored for full compliance in order to portray a customer-centric image for the Organization.

Benefits of been customer-centric:

  • Customer retention.
  • Word of mouth referrals.
  • Increased income from additional services.
  • Amazed customer.

Customer is King and should be treated as one

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