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Enterprise is a big deal, think about it, all the planning, crafting a unique vision and mission, building organizational culture, hiring the best hands money can get, forming a board of directors/trustees/advisors that can put your organization in good stead, getting enough capital to drive the organization, crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s et al. It’s a big, big deal.

Crumble that!

Enterprise is a big deal but it does come in small packages too. Enterprise is not only when you have built a Fortune 500 company, trade in multimillion dollars like Dangote, grant donations bigger than a country’s annual budget like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, that you own an enterprise organization or you have exhibited enterprise or are exhibiting enterprise. 

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But what makes your enterprise so big. It is consistency. A little here, a little there. Making it better at each and every opportunity. 

Let me tell you what I did during the COVID-19 lockdown. I have a wonderful flair for bringing answers out of people. I can make you have fun while answering the tough questions. Try me. You will enjoy it.

So I started this tweet chat series I tagged #Reminisense. But ‘Yomi isn’t that a bad decision. Tweet chat in this age and time? Seems so. Because everyone that mattered was heading for Instagram. Instagram live with Mr. So and so. Insta series with Mrs. This and that. I hope you have not forgotten that Instagram was the rave of the lockdown (apart from Zoom). It is still on, though. It became information overload on Instagram, do you agree? Everyone jostled for the audience, it was a red ocean borrowing the lingo of industry strategists.

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I started my tweet chat series. It has provided a platform to discuss things that mattered to me. It has helped some to find their voice. It has built other’s confidence.

#Reminisense has completed a quarter of a year. That’s my big enterprise story.

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