Celebration Time, Going Global!


Let me start by congratulating our readers on the first anniversary of the magazine!

I remember with nostalgia the process that led to the birth of this magazine exactly one year ago! The energy, the adrenaline, the coordination, the vision casting, the recovery after prelaunch set back etc. 

Today, we celebrate 365 days of impact, inspiration, and insight. 

I am grateful to all our readers, contributors, collaborators, editorial board members and our amazing operational teams who work very hard to ensure that we consistently meet production deadlines. 

In less than a year, the magazine has been endowed with an eight-member pan-African board, reached 3,500 readers, published six editions, organized a monthly virtual learning series, and launched an award program to recognize 50 career influencers across Africa. It has also upgraded the user interface of the website and deployed a mobile application to enhance the reader experience. 

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The magazine since its launch in October 2019 has continued to provide businesses and professionals, access to insights and knowledge on workplace issues within the African context and added its voice to advance the world of work through its innovative initiatives. 

As we look ahead into the future, the theme of this edition reflects our aspiration to reach more readers, expand the scope of our impact and elevate the standards of our mission. Our contributors shared the story of their international careers as Africans living and working abroad. They also share the journey of migration to other countries and some of the associated challenges and benefits. 

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Additionally, as part of efforts to reiterate our mission as a pan African magazine, we added a new section to the magazine called “Living and Working in Africa” to enhance our reader’s cultural understanding of the 54 countries in Africa and in this edition, we are taking a trip to Lusaka, Zambia. 

As you navigate through the articles in this edition, I believe that you will be inspired to dream bigger and dream again. 

Thank you for your support and enjoy your reading. 

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