Don’t Worry, Pick Your Calls

Hakuna matata Hakuna Matata… that was my ringtone not just telling me not to worry but telling me to pick up my phone and answer the call. Who could be calling me by 10pm in the night? Yes, I’m an entertainer but I also have me-time and family time. As much as I try to respect those times, work time (money time) is superior to both for now. Maybe when I find myself in the league of Kevin Hart, Chris Rock… I can totally obey. I answered the phone and I was glad I did.

Doctor Frick, so sorry to bother you at this time of the night. My name is Mike Nkulor from the corporate communications department of… The crux of the matter was that they needed me to be at their office by 9 am the next morning. They have been monitoring my brand for a year and have decided to endorse me as the face of their brand. Details will be discussed at their office at the crucial meeting I was invited to attend. From that point, I wished sixty minutes could make 5 hours but wishes are not horses.

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Right after the call, I called Alex my lawyer friend and hinted him, his response was oga the time has come for you to pay me for all my free consultations, this is an endorsement deal and I am not doing padi padi. I have to become your official legal adviser. I interrupted him saying, o boy leave English o, I never even know how much we just wan go meet him you don dey form mi lord, calm down first and follow me to tomorrow meeting. Alex insisted on being paid for his appearance at the meeting and subsequent ones, I had no choice but to agree.

8.30 we were sitting in the car, right in front of the office, discussing how to seal the endorsement, Alex was all animated saying, bro don’t accept their initial offer, don’t be desperate, act like they are one of your offers and not the only one, by the time we were invited into the office I was feeling like a lawyer myself. We had not spent 5 minutes in the meeting when all the legal feelings I developed earlier evaporated, with all I felt I knew, thank God Alex followed me I would have been clueless and dumb

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After almost two hours of back and forth, we came to an agreement on the terms and conditions as well as the financial remuneration, all these including some other legal jargon that would have thrown me into a state of total confusion were professionally and properly handled by Alex. At that point, I knew without mincing words that he had become my legal adviser. Through this experience I realized that lawyers are not only useful in court, there are different areas of specialization in the legal organization.

I won’t disclose the exact figures the endorsement deal fetched us but picture Alex acquiring a 2015 C300 Mercedes Benz, and I changed my Lexus to G wagon. Actually, I didn’t say I bought him a Benz, but one-third of the money came from the endorsement, it wasn’t easy parting with that huge sum, even policemen are afraid of lawyers when I know that whatever I say, do or even think can be used against me in the court of law. We had six meetings before the deal pulled through.

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This endorsement was seven years ago and between then and now, Alex has completed a four-bedroom duplex representing me and four other colleagues I introduced to him. I am happy he has everything I have. More importantly, in realizing that the legal organization is instrumental to the success of every other should any of my children show interest in law I am going to be their greatest cheerleader. Hey guys I have got to go, Alex is here and we have another meeting.

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