Diary of an Entertainer

Hello Doctor Frick it’s Riike from Plannerberg. Please where are you? All these pesterings with calls, I already told her my call time is 12 noon as the reception won’t start until 2 pm. She countered me saying this one is going to be very fast. I switched my call time up by an hour and got there at 11 am. Now, it’s been 3 hours, no sign of the couple. Riike is just floating about the hall. After an hour of waiting, I had no choice but to move around the hall again. As I admired the décor and general ambience of the hall, I walked past a table and overheard them arguing how the Entertainment industry is not a productive industry.

Trust your guy now, I joined the conversation immediately. One man in heavily embroidered white agbada with a golden cap started talking about how we are service-based and not product based in the entertainment sector. He made some points though but I can’t remember any. Why? Because his stories were laced with ego, pride and self acclaim. They were more about him than about the industry. I worked with Ali baba from ’99 to 2009. That’s 10 solid years, a whole decade. I tried not to get pissed so I kept mute. Everybody at least on that table knew that 10 years make up a decade. Why the unnecessary emphasis.

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He went on and on about how he was the number one foreign promoter in the UK and a major part of Europe. How he helped this and that gain international recognition, how he helped this artiste clear one credit card fraud, how he quenched this one’s baby drama and that one’s concert planning discrepancies. I got so fed up at a point I had to interrupt him and ask “excuse me, sir, with all due respect ( a term used to warn you that you’re a few seconds away from being disrespected grossly), you’re digressing a whole lot. What’s your standpoint? Is the entertainment industry a productive industry or not?

Then he started in the usual fashion of those who don’t know what exactly they want to say. Well… actually, to be Frank, of which, although in actual fact, believe me… I interrupted him again and said the perspective of being productive is 2 for me. Productive as per product based or as per productivity generally. I don’t know which he is aligning with more so he couldn’t drive his point home without referring to Germany or France, London or Dublin. At a point, I asked if others on the table could talk and he kept quiet. The others probably knew him and were too conscious of his status and didn’t want to bruise his ego or they were just sycophants and praise singers who were hoping for some “change”.

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One man in dansiki eventually found his voice and said “ I think the entertainment industry is not really a productive one. For example like you now Doctor Frick, you’re a comedian and event host, you dispense services and not products. So do musicians, they sing, and even studio engineers just apply their knowledge and skills in music production. So for me, I don’t see it as a productive industry as such but more of a service-based industry. After he was done, I nodded in affirmation and told him he was partially right. He got curious about the other part where he was wrong and I took it from there.

As far as productivity is concerned, the entertainment industry is service-based to an extent yet we have tangible products and materials too. We are service-based, product-based and overall one of the most productive industries in the world. The movies sector from the story (intangible) moves to script, screenplay and finally post-production. Either it ends in hardware format or soft copy, it has become a product. They all nodded in agreement except the white agbada man. I went further to say the same goes for music from lyrics, instrumentals,  recording, ad-libbing and all to releasing as compact discs or online for streaming. They once again agreed by gestures except for this same man.

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I wanted to proceed to the next point when I saw Riike beckoning to me that the couple and their parents have finally arrived from church and the reception would start in a matter of minutes. I had to excuse myself from the conversation as duty called. I did the button of my suit as I walked towards the band and DJ. They both got me thinking… Do these guys do more than intangibles? Just services, live music… Time didn’t permit me to briefly seek their opinions about the entertainment industry as a productive one or not. If toy knows any, kindly help me find out and reach out to me. I’ve got a couple to tune to the Hifrickuency. See you all later.

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