Big Bolaji: Doable Tips to Avoid Quick Career killers

TWB: Would you like to take us through your professional journey so far and what motivated your choice of career as an entertainer?


Big B: My name is Bolaji Olarewaju, I am from Osun State, Gbongan to be precise, my singing started from way back to primary school in Ibadan Oyo state,  I love and enjoy music, I studied Estate Management and obtained a Higher National Diploma from the Kwara State University, however, music and media is my core profession now. My professional singing career started in 1992, before then I had been part of various groups. I choose to do gospel music due to my religious convictions, I am a Christian and I know not choosing gospel will guide me into embracing some ethics my religious believes won’t allow.


TWB: You have been around for a long time now, what is the secret of longevity for an entertainer?


Big B: Anyone that wants to be into music for the long haul must outline the rules of engagement as regards their profession, I believe being consistent with what you do and making effort to learn more is key. Your ability to have a heart of service to humanity will also help greatly, one must not be egotistical at any point in your career journey. It’s a quick career killer.

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TWB: Traditionally, parents frown at their children choice of entertainment as a career path. Would you say this mindset is changing and why? How did your parent react when you decided you wanted to be a musician?


Big B: My parents were quite supportive, even though they had a different career path outlined for me according to their own dreams and thoughts, however, my mother was quite gifted in the arts and media field so it made it easier for them to understand my tilting to the profession.


TWB: Some musicians are more successful than some other musicians are. Are there secrets to success in the music industry?


Big B: All profession has its guide however success the same in any chosen career, the rules that apply to being a successful Doctor, Engineer or an Accountant will also apply to being successful in the entertainment industry as well. Permit me to say understanding the term “Success” itself should be the number one guide for one who has chosen entertainment as a career. Success simply defined is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, the benefits of being successful is what is termed as success most times. Wealth, influence, popularity are all benefits of success but not success itself.

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TWB: You are one of the few gospel musicians who travel internationally to minister and perform. What steps should gospel musicians be doing to enhance their ministry influence and success like their secular counterparts?


Big B: The steps anyone in a chosen career takes, study (your rules of engagement) from the first and most important instructional manual for a gospel artist which is the Holy Bible, listen to advice and correction, make a conscious effort to always learn and have a heart of service. Patience is also very key, remember who employed you as a gospel artist is God. His given outline and instruction are key to your lifting, so, learn more about him always.

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TWB: Turn Up with B has been going on for about 10 years now. What is the inspiration driving it and how are your plans?


Big B: Turn it up with Big B is one of the instructions given to me by my employer, to create a platform of fellowship on air for the unchurched to give a better understanding of the Joy and benefits of His kingdom in a medium they can connect with easily.

A constant source of inspiration for me is creation it’s a constant reminder of my employer, smiles.


TWB: What would you want the coming generations to remember you for?


Big B: I want to be remembered for good, impact, one who carried out the instructions of his main employer (God) without fear.

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