10 Years A Blogger

If I knew then what I know now about blogging and content creation, I’d probably be a billionaire by now. But I know now and that’s what’s most important. What is it that I know? I’ll tell you. But first, a little background.

I remember driving with my best friend at the time and telling her how I had this conviction to be on YouTube, to start something. She didn’t get it and I received no encouragement from her. But I did it anyway. My conviction and passion for Nollywood movies was too strong for me not to create something out of it and that was what I did. 10years later, I’m asking myself if even I, truly believed in myself.

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Creating content about Nollywood movies, specifically, reviewing them, brings me such great satisfaction. I enjoy being able to express my thoughts and opinions about these works of art and because I was consistent in doing this, it opened so many doors for me in Nollywood. My name gradually became known in the industry as something whose opinions meant something. Some loved me, others disliked me but neither mattered; I loved what I did and it was taking me places, that was all that mattered.

However, life happens; dreams change, and clarity is attained in different aspects of life. While I did not outgrow my passion for reviewing movies, I got a greater calling that took more time than I anticipated. However, I have made it a point to remain committed to the happenings in the movie industry in Nigeria. The most recent being the installation of a Nigerian “chapter” of Netflix. This is big and it happened during the pandemic when all the content we could consume was online and on TV. Netflix acquired so many Nigerian movies and even sponsored some. This was a major global achievement for the industry and it made me very proud.

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Now, back to where we started. What do I know now that I wish I knew then? I actually answered this question in the article and you might have seen it. Consistency. That one word has transformed lives over the past decade and give even more purpose. I’m sure you’ve heard it before: “be consistent”. It’s not overrated, it’s the gospel. So, if you are looking at starting a career in content creation, blogging and the likes, then that will be my one advice for you. Be consistent. How in the words of Pastor Tunde Success, “how badly do you want it?”

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