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After the night comes the morning

After the night comes the morning

Nigerians are too strong for comfort. We have devised every coping mechanism we can to further push down the pain and realization that we’re being ruled by the most heartless, callous and dangerous set of men and women this country has ever known. Our ”military rule” is being disguised as a democracy. A country where the authorities would rather shed the blood of innocent youth, lie maliciously and unintelligently about it than just END SARS!

After the tragic massacre of Lagos Youth on the 20th of October 2020, it took our president a whole 48hrs to finally make a speech. Which was poorly put together and obviously prerecorded at different times and then edited together.

Buhari basically said: We have noticed you guys and we have decided that your agitations aren’t our priority. We decided to use the army to teach you a lesson and if you try it again, whatever you see please take it. International communities should mind their business. We have provided N30000 jobs for you, get to it! Lastly, sorry to the Policemen that died. Wow!

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I mean the bar was really low but this response is on another level of LOW. Nobody expected the President to be THIS disconnected.

Well, there is light and there is hope. The youth have exposed this government’s weaknesses and fear. For the president to send the military means that he knows his time is up and he is masking that fear with force and strictness.

The world has been watching and is still watching. A new dawn is nigh but it may not happen till this adminustration’s tenure is over. Everyone including the so-called hoodlums is wide awake.

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We can only live and be strong for those we lost. Best believe something good will definitely come out of this. Even if it’s not now or even in our lifetime. This who died did not die in vain. This is the hope we have.

So everyone should gear up and take charge now because come 2023, we would have to make history again.

Sensitize those who may not have had the opportunity to know the details of the happenings last 12 days because our mainstream media have been in cahoots with this vile government to spread misninformation and malicious lies against the memory of the dead. Even in the face of glaring evidence, The Governor of Lagos State, His deputy, the Nigerian Military, The media aides to the President, and every other person in charge of media and communication for the federal government have decided to instigate a dangerous political propaganda through their web of lies and tales of deceit.


Yes, no matter the outcome of things, they still messed with the wrong generation.

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